The elderly are one of the most vulnerable people during the coronavirus pandemic.

Let’s Combat Loneliness

The elderly are one of the most vulnerable people during the coronavirus pandemic, not just because of the risks of infection, but also because of the impact of isolation on their mental health.

Older people who may not have family will be left completely alone, with no social contact at all.

Missio Malta and Newsbook.com.mt have partnered to combat this by introducing the Adopt a Grandparent scheme.

We’re pairing the lovely elderly people living in the community and in care homes together with caring individuals who want to help combat loneliness.

This volunteer programme is aimed at families or individuals, and is meant to help lonely seniors, many of whom must socially distance during the pandemic.

How to Adopt a Grandparent

Missio Malta and Newsbook.com.mt launched the ‘Adopt a Grandparent’ initiative to bring a sense of comfort to young people and the elderly who may not have grandparents/grandchildren of their own, with the aim of creating long-lasting friendships.

All you need to do is fill in the form below and our team will be in touch to pair you with your new ‘Grandfather’ or ‘Grandmother’.

These are some of the ways in which you can help:

  • Having phone calls/video calls with your new friend
  • Sending cheerful pictures/stories/poems (post, digital or email) for them to enjoy
  • Sharing stories from different generations
  • Sending letters/postcards to your new friend, much like a penpalpen pal!

If you are under 18, please note you will need parental/guardian permission.

Join the Team

Would you like to join our volunteer team?

If you’re considering doing something rewarding in your free time, just drop us a line below and get in touch.

We’re always looking for people like you to join the Missio family, to help us create more happiness daily.

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